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Boarding horses

Our boarding guests are raised and kept horse-appropriately on our vast and spacious pastures. Daily control and mixed pastures with our cattle ensure perfect health and encourage their perfect development.


Brood mares enjoy a full board service including bith control system, primary care of the newborn foals and succeeding control of the mare´s monthley cycles.


There are different expert vets from nearby responsible for our horses, and they are also specialized on insemination with frozen semen.




Young horses benefit from a horse-appropriate rearing with lots of movement and perfect feeding. Weanlings, yearlings and young stallions are kept in age-appropriate herds, enabling them to develop a normal social behaviour.








Mixed Grazing


Horses and cattle complement each other perfectly while grazing the pastures together.

Our cattle are outside all the year round, they are fed exclusively with grass, self-produced hay and silage during the winter.

The calves grow up in herds with their mothers, and a pasture bull provides the progeny every year.