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It is almost impossible to top value and importance of high-quality brood mares for a breeding enterprise. We presently stable approx. 15 mares out of extremly valuable performance lines that already confirmed their hereditary qualities or that were successfull competition horses. Futurity prospects are always for sale.


Special mares and foundation stocks on our farm



Oldenburg mare, born 1993, by Insider - Castro - Furioso II ( Blankenese foundation stock). This dam line is approx. 120 years old and is based in Bethen with Gottfried Vorwerk. Wolfgang Schwanke from Biebertal purchased Blau-Rot at the Vechta Foal Auction in 1993 at DM 30,000. Her hereditary qualities are hard to top as her progeny are successful in breeding and sport. She is dam to:


1997 colt "Rubinrot" by Rubinstein, winning the bronze medal at the age of five at the 2002 World Breeding Dressage Championchips for Young Horses in Verden, followed by Poetin. Don Davidoff and Diamond Hit ranked first and second. Rubinrot won the Swedish Championchips in 2003, the Scadinavian Open and meanwhile, he is successful up to Grand Prix-level.


1998 Rubinus by Rubinstein

1999 Sunshine Tour(Bellissima) by Sir Caletto, sold at the foal auction in Ankum

2001 Silverstone by Sir Caletto, sold at the foal auction in Ankum

2002 colt by Don Bosco

2005 Rocco Granata by Rosario

2006 San Sicario by Sir Donnerhall

2007 Haasje by Hotline

2008 colt by Hotline

2009 Blauhand by Fürst Romancier

2010 Blaues Band by Royal Classic






by Landadel – Waidmann – Weltmeister, born 1996. She was a successful competition horse before she started her breeding career. These are her progeny:


2003 Sabiango by Schwarzenegger, sold at the November Auction in Verden in 2007

2004 Captain Claus by Champion F.P., sold at the November Auction in Verden in 2009

2005 Belleza by Balou du Rouet, competition horse

2006 Blue du Rouet by Balou du Rouet, sold at Elite Foal Auction in Verden in 2006

2009 Serafina by Sir Shutterfly - we started to ride her

2010 Sir Satellite by Sir Shutterfly

2011 Quadriga to Federal Champion Quaid

2012 Gran Torino by Grey Top





Night and Day 

KWPN-mare, born 1995

by Amaretto – Burggraaf – Cadmos xx


She sucessfully participated at international advanced level jumper classes with Tina Lund. The photo shows her with Michael Aabo. Her dam Jacky was successful in international classes under Geir Gulliksen. These are her progeny:


2005 Savanna by Stolzenberg, today sucessful up to elementary show jumping level, competitor at the Hanoverian Show Jumping Championchips in Verden 2009

2006 Signature by Stolzenberg - sucessful in novice level jumper riding horse classes

2009 Chariletto by Charilan 

2010 Campino by Campus

2013 Quanta Costa by Quaid

2014 Strothmann by Stolzenberg


Signature *2006

The photo shows the four-year-old Signature in May 2010 during a novice level jumper riding horse class. She is a daughter by the Celle state stud stallion Stolzenberg out of our Night and Day by Amaretto – Burggraaf. Signature already successfully placed in elementary level jumper riding horse classes.










by  Pablo – Landadel – Gimpel – Gralsritter, born 1996, bred by Wolfgang Schwanke from Biebertal. Hanoverian dam line of Kandare.


Perfekta's dam Leopardin was sold at the Elite Foal Auction in Verden in 1991. She completed her mare performance test with jumping marks of 9 for style and 10 for potential. One daugther by Sandro was sold at Elite Auction and is today a successful competition horse.


Perfekta supplied first-class colts in series, sold at the Elite auctions to many different countries all around the globe.


2000 Cannavaro by Captain Paul, Verden Foal Auction

2001 Segantini by Sandro Hit, Verden Foal Auction

2002 Louis d´Or by Landgold, Verden Foal Auction

2003 Scardanelli by Sandro Hit, Verden Foal Auction, finalist at the World Breeding Dressage Championchips for Young Horses in Verden

2004 Sauvignon by Sandro Hit, Verden Elite Auction, finalist at the World Breeding Dressage Championchips for Young Horses in Verden

2005  Rubinho by Rubinrot, Verden Foal Auction

2006 colt by Stedinger

2008 Schaljapin by Stakkato, Verden Foal Auction and Elite Auction autumn 2012 (67.000 €)

2011  Gavin by Gavi, Verden Foal Auction

2012  Loki by Last Man´s Hope

2014  Quality Prime by Quality Time




State Premium Mare Way of Life

by Warkant - Akzent II - Volturno


foundation stock of the successful competition horse Weltgeist (Walter Willhaus).

Way of Life... she is a fertile mare and has been giving birth to a foal each year up to now.


2006 Rominte by Rubinrot

2007 Heintje (Harris) by Hotline

2008 Schalmei by Sir Donnerhall I

2009 Sella Ronda by San Remo

2009 foal by Sir Donnerhall II


Way of Life was sold to China in 2009

Way of Life